02-445 Crimping tool for PEX connectors

Press for crimping PEX connectors 02-445 NEO is a hand tool offered in a set with a pipe calibrator for 16, 20 and 25 mm with a deburrer in the body, as well as 4 pieces of U fittings and 4 pieces of TH fittings:

  • dies U-type: 16 mm/20 mm/25 mm/32 mm,

  • dies TH type: 16 mm/20 mm/26 mm/32 mm.

Equipped With a 360-degree rotating head, makes it easy to work in hard-to-reach places places. With the help of a hydraulic cylinder, it enables precise and tighten fittings with a power of 60 kN.

The press is offered with telescopic handles with an extension range from 58 to 83 cm. The ability to adjust the appropriate handles saves energy and speeds up work. The soft grip affects comfort of performing tasks. The tool is offered in a practical suitcase. NEO brand meets the expectations.

Product features:

  • for crimping PEX fittings on PEX AL PEX multilayer pipes,

  • rotary 360-degree head,

  • power - 60 kN,

  • soft handle,

  • large precise work performed,

  • system quick press change system,

  • weight - 4.26 kg.

Range of telescopic handles:

  • 58 - 83 cm.

Set includes:

  • press for crimping connectors,

  • calibrator for 16, 20, 25 mm pipes with a deburring device in the body,

  • 4x U-type dies,

  • 4x TH-type dies,

  • carrying case.

  • EAN 5907558482027
  • Type of pipes pex-al-pex i pert-al-pert
  • Maximum clamping force 6
  • Number of dies included 8
02-445__BNE_TPI_K01.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K02.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K03.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K04.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K05.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K06.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K07.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K08.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K09.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K10.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K11.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K12.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K13.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K14.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K15.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K16.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K17.png 02-445__BNE_TPI_K18.png
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